Through the years we have acquired many things for free. The types of things we have found include tools, furniture, clothes, toys, decor, collectibles, construction materials and much more. The sources for these free things have included friends, family, roadsides, exploring old farms, freecycle websites, clean-out jobs, retail promotions and chance. Although there are probably hundreds of items we have acquired over the years, I will only be able to share a fraction of the things we already have. I will be sure to document all future finds.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Free Finds from a December, 2009 Clean-Out

The pictures that follow are most of the items that came from an old garage. My dad knew someone who was selling their house and needed to clean out their garage. For doing a little labor, my husband could keep whatever he wanted. Looking back, he wishes he took more.

Vintage Singer Sewing Machine on stand, vintage push mower and two old cabinets. The stand was made into a table, the cabinets were hung in the garage, the push mower is waiting for a place to be displayed and the sewing maching top is being cleaned up for display.

 Nine boxes of various tiles. These are waiting for project ideas to be used.

This table was cleaned up and is being used in one of our outdoor sitting areas.

 This sink was used along with a piece of countertop (obtained free from my parents when they did a kitchen remodel). It is now part of our chicken butchering setup that is used outdoors at butchering time.

 This tall stool is being used in the garage and the short bench is a nice outdoor fireside table.

                        We made seats for these chairs and they are being used in our gardenside cabin.

 These windows are being stored in one section of our barn with many others we have obtained roadside. We pick through them as we come up with projects.

 The entire back of the truck was filled with these fence posts which my husband used to make a white picket fence by my garage for a wild flower garden.

Three old breadboxes. My husband cleaned up and painted the green one and we use it in our kitchen.

 More windows to add to my collection.

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  1. So Much FUN!! I love this type of stuff... I am keeping my eyes open for some old windows.. see a couple in your collection I would love... no one seems to give them away around here.. they cost a pretty penny :(