Through the years we have acquired many things for free. The types of things we have found include tools, furniture, clothes, toys, decor, collectibles, construction materials and much more. The sources for these free things have included friends, family, roadsides, exploring old farms, freecycle websites, clean-out jobs, retail promotions and chance. Although there are probably hundreds of items we have acquired over the years, I will only be able to share a fraction of the things we already have. I will be sure to document all future finds.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Free from Dad

We often get things free from our's what parents do. They give us their cast off thing as sort of a first option. I often think it's just so they don't have to worry about getting rid of it. I would rather it be that way though. Our parents usually give us some great stuff. This haul was from a forced clean-out.  This week I helped my dad clean out his closet and dressers. Most of this stuff I will be getting rid of, but I took it off his hands first. The following is a list of what wound up in my car: dress shoes, small rotary tool, 3 coats, 1 flannel shirt, 1 winter scarf, 1 winter hood, 3 pair of jeans, over a dozen vintage ties, several old belts, two brand new pairs of socks, 1 turtleneck shirt, 1 after-shower terrycloth wrap, a box of unused Christmas cards, Louis Lamour books on tape, fishing vest, a few rags, and a luggage cart (not pictured).  After distributing the things we will keep around our house and garage, I will sell or donate the rest.

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