Through the years we have acquired many things for free. The types of things we have found include tools, furniture, clothes, toys, decor, collectibles, construction materials and much more. The sources for these free things have included friends, family, roadsides, exploring old farms, freecycle websites, clean-out jobs, retail promotions and chance. Although there are probably hundreds of items we have acquired over the years, I will only be able to share a fraction of the things we already have. I will be sure to document all future finds.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Free Stove

On Thanksgiving Day 2009 my flat top stove died with a turkey in it. We were able to use an old stove my husband had in his garage (that he had planned to start using to powder coat metal) to salvage the day. After that day I spent two full years without a stove. The one in the garage was not fit for the house. We did not have the cash for a new stove and we did not want to add to our credit card debt. I got creative and actually enjoyed using the microwave, slow cooker, toaster oven and grill. After two years my father said he knew someone who was remodeling and they were getting a new stove to go with the new decor. Their current stove was free for the taking. There was nothing wrong with it and it was clean. We said we would take it. He did neglect to tell me that it was from the 1980s!  Since it was free, I didn't complain. It has been working fine. I guess it is easier to use the stove, but I have tried to keep creative with the other appliances too.

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