Through the years we have acquired many things for free. The types of things we have found include tools, furniture, clothes, toys, decor, collectibles, construction materials and much more. The sources for these free things have included friends, family, roadsides, exploring old farms, freecycle websites, clean-out jobs, retail promotions and chance. Although there are probably hundreds of items we have acquired over the years, I will only be able to share a fraction of the things we already have. I will be sure to document all future finds.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Free Doughnut


My husband turned 50 in November and became a member of AARP.  I was able to get a membership as his spouse even though I will not be 50 until this coming November.  Today I used the benefit for the first time.  When you buy a large drink at Dunkin Donuts you get a free Doughnut.  So.....take advantage of being 50 and start getting things free or for cheaper!


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